VISA insurance and assistance

Insurance and assistance

My Visa card has a guarantee and assistance insurance that covers me while I travel. I can take certain steps on this page:

What is the difference between insurance and assistance?

Insurance protects me on all my trips. I am reimbursed after the event of a claim. To take advantage of this, all I have to do is pay for my trip with my card. Assistance is my preferred contact, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world in case of illness or injury. To take advantage of this, all I need is a valid Visa card and to contact Assistance before making any expenditure. The number is indicated on the back of my card.

VISA insurance and assistance

In the insurance space, I'll be able to:

  • Consult my insurance notices (trip cancellation, car rental, skiing, etc.)
  • Download an insurance certificate
  • Declare and pursue a claim
  • Find out about the airport tax refund

In the attendance area, I can:

  • Consult my assistance notices (repatriation, legal assistance, etc.)
  • Download a certificate of repatriation (for example, for destinations where it is systematically requested: Cuba, Russia, China, etc.)
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